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Backdrop EZ
Backdrop EZ screenshot 1
Backdrop EZ screenshot 2
    Personalize your greyscale Palm OS device with Backdrop EZ! Backdrop EZ lets you install a background image or animation that stays in place while other applications run! (You also have full control over which programs will display the background.)
    You can convert your own images to use as backgrounds or download backgrounds from our sample images page and sample animations page. Backdrop EZ reads images in the FireViewer format, which has several utilities for converting from popular formats such as BMP, GIF & JPEG.

System Requirements:
  - Greyscale Palm OS device running Palm OS 3.5 - 4.1
  - 160x160 screen or Sony Clie w/320x320 screen (Clie support is limited to low-resolution mode only)

Supported devices:
  - Palm: Zire, m500, m125, m105, m100, i705, VIIx, Vx, V, IIIxe, IIIx, IIIe
  - Handspring: Visor Pro, Visor Platinum, Visor Neo, Visor Edge, Treo 180, Treo 180g
  - Sony: S300 series, SL series, T400 series, N300 series
  - IBM: WorkPad c3, WorkPad c500
  - HandEra: TRGpro

Devices that are NOT supported:
  - Palm OS 5 devices
  - Palm: Zire 21
  - HandEra: 330

Please note:
  - Backdrop is also available for color devices: Backdrop GC.
  - Registered Backdrop EZ users that switch to a color device can upgrade to Backdrop GC for free!
  - Devices running Palm OS 3.3 & earlier are supported by older releases of Backdrop.
 Version 2.1
 Backdrop EZ
Sample Backgrounds:
 Greyscale Images
 Greyscale Animations
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