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Software Version 1.1
Released June 19, 2002

Written by Josh Freeman
©1998-2002, Twilight Edge Software
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About TrapWeaver
System Requirements
Archive Distribution
Installing & Running TrapWeaver
Registering TrapWeaver
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About TrapWeaver
    TrapWeaver is a utility for the Palm OS which protects your device from crashing due to overlapping system patches. If you install HackMaster hacks or run 3rd-party apps that patch the OS, you need TrapWeaver! TrapWeaver stabilizes your device by transparently managing and protecting ALL system patches from writing over one another. This greatly reduces the amount of system resets caused by installing and uninstalling system enhancements.

System Requirements
    TrapWeaver requires Palm OS 2.0 or later and uses 25K of memory. (25K includes the TrapWeaver app itself as well as the memory it uses when it installs its system patches. Running TrapWeaver with less free memory may cause your Palm device to crash).

Archive Distribution
    TrapWeaver is shareware. The '' archive may be freely distributed, provided its contents are not changed in any way. If you distribute the archive on a website or with a software collection, please notify the author. Any form of distribution that charges the user a fee, such as a commercial software collection, must clearly state that the user is purchasing unregistered copies which will require additional payments to register.

    All Twilight Edge software titles are provided as is, and are not guaranteed to be free of bugs. The author assumes no liability for any problems resulting from the use of this product.

If you find a bug, please report it, along with the following info:

- Device type
- Palm OS system version
- Amount of free memory
- List of apps installed (if possible)
- Special options (Springboard module, memory upgrade, etc.)

Installing & Running TrapWeaver

If you have a previous version of TrapWeaver on your Palm Powered device, please uninstall & delete it before installing this version.

To Turn TrapWeaving On:

    1. Install 'TWeaver.prc' onto your Palm Powered device
    2. Run the TrapWeaver application
    3. Press the 'Install' button

The following step will reset your Palm Powered device:

    4. Press the 'OK' button on the 'Engage TrapWeaving' dialog
    5. TrapWeaving will automatically engage on reset

Registering TrapWeaver
    TrapWeaver is shareware. If you decide to keep it, please register it. Registration entitles you to all future versions, free of charge.
    Registration is $5, and is available through our Web Store or by using PayPal. Once your registration has been processed, you should receive a confirmation email within a few days.

Version History
1.1 (06/19/02)
    - Added conflict detection on startup to prevent TrapWeaver incompatibilities from causing a reset loop
    - Now compatible with the Handspring Treo 90

1.09 (07/19/01)
    - Updated internal APIs (No significant changes for the end user)

1.08 (03/02/01)
    - Fixed incompatibility with some Springboard modules while running on Handspring Prisms & Platinums

1.07 (07/29/00)
    - Fixed slowdowns which were occurring on some apps
    - Now prevents the Palm OS 3.5.0 storage memory leak

1.06  (10/04/99)
    - Now prevents internal Hackmaster uninstallation conflicts between hacks that patch the same trap
    - TrapWeaver Boot is no longer needed on any OS
    - Updated new Twilight Edge email address in docs & about box

1.05  (06/16/99)
    - Fixed raised-antenna bug on Palm VII

1.04  (06/02/99)
    - Now compatible with Palm VII
    - Updated new Twilight Edge homepage info in docs & about box

1.03  (05/08/99)
    - TrapWeaver Boot is no longer needed on OS 3.1 or later
    - Fixed incompatibility with Launcher III on the IIIx & V

1.02  (01/17/99)
    - Fixed an incompatibility with Palm III upgrade cards that was causing IR beaming problems

1.01  (12/31/98)
    - Fixed an incompatibility with Palm III upgrade cards that was causing a DB error on reset

1.0  (12/28/98)
    - Initial release

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